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"Age is not important, unless you are a cheese"

–Luis Buñuel

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A cheese for all tastes, as well as yogurts and dulce de leche

You can't fake good cheese

Of course, there are preferences, but there is such a thing as quality as well...


Just as with a good wine or craft beer, an expert can distinguish quality in a good cheese

In the great French tradition of cheesemaking

Quality cheese can only be made from quality milk, raw, pure and fresh, as is well-known in the French tradition. At Monte Azul we participate in every step, from feed and animal care, as well as close monitoring of the milking process and its handling at every step.

Art & passion

The process of making quality cheese does not end when filling the molds with curds. As artists dedicated to artisanal methods, we are passionate about the entire process, as well as with the final process.


Aged cheeses are not just set on a shelf to mature, they require a process called afinage, and in fact, in France to become a professional affineur  requires years of study and apprenticeship,


For those who value quality, the labor intensive and lengthy process with attention to detail, is well worth it. 


Art inspires us to create original products of high quality.

Our Creations

Please click on a link below for brief descriptions of most of our products.

Each item has its description of texture, flavor, as well as serving suggestions and pairings. 




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