One Week of Workshops

"Monte Azul cheeses are delicious works of art..."


–Gianaclis Caldwell

Author of several cheesemaking books, Master Cheesemaker and owner Pholia Farms

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RAW MILK Workshops

First Sunday of Each Month

For the first time, at the Monte Azul Artisanal Cheese Company, we open our doors to welcome a small group of beginning to intermediate cheese makers for a week of hands-on workshops.

The workshops are designed for full participation in every step of the process in a real working artisanal creamery.

Participants will receive a brief seminar on the basic process of making our raw milk cheeses. Most of the instruction will be given verbally, as the emphasis is hands-on cheese making.

With a maximum of just 8 participants, there is ample opportunity for asking questions during the process.


Monte Azul on page 7

As head chef of the main kitchen at Hotel Four Seasons Resort Papagayo in Costa Rica, I 100% recommend Monte Azul products, as they meet and exceed the standards demanded by our organization and exclusive clientele. 

–Chef J. Pérez

DAY 01

Arrival on Sunday

Plan on arriving by 12:00 noon.

Today we welcome you with a platter of wine and cheese, of course!

Get settled into your Casita and relax before orientation.

3:00 Introductory seminar. An informal discussion about our history and about the types of cheeses you will be preparing during the week. 

6:00 Dinner served in the lounge.

Tomorrow is an early day, so get a good night of sleep! The life of an artisanal cheesemaker usually starts at sun up. 


DAY 02

Chèvre & Santa Lucía

6:00 A.M. to 10ish or 11ish

Learn to make a fresh French style goat cheese, and an Italian style hard aged cheese on the same day.


DAY 05

Halloumi, Yogurt, Chirripó Negro & Chirripó Blanco

5:00 A.M. Back to early rising for one last time. Halloumi requires a particularly distinctive technique and we use 50% cow's milk and 50% goat's milk. The Chirripó's are bloomy rind cheeses. Learn to make traditional style Greek yogurt.


DAY 03

Fresh Provolone

7:00 A.M. you get to sleep in today!

Finish the Chèvre and work out with the stretching and twisting of the pasta filata technique to make fresh Provolone.


DAY 06

Free Day!

Guided Cheese Tasting

Relax in your comfortable Casita and enjoy the peaceful tranquility of Monte Azul. You can also arrange to explore the local area's attractions on your own, such as the butterfly farm or Cloudbridge nature preserve and scientific research center.

4:00 Guided Cheese Tasting

Option: Learn to make our famous goat milk soap, $45 per person includes all materials and 13 soaps you can take home.


DAY 04

Family Farm Visit

8:15 A.M. A lazy morning today, we head up the road to visit a farmstead family farm. Learn about their story of making Swiss style country cheeses, their sustainability methods, and maybe milk a cow, too.


DAY 07


Join us for a last breakfast before heading home or to your next destination in Costa Rica.


limited capacity

Minimum 2, Maximum 8 participants

There are four Casitas with one Queen bed, each accommodating one or two people. Two Twin beds are available for one Casita on special request, first come first serve basis.


7 days, 6 nights

$1,800 per person

Published fees do not include tax


•••Three meals daily

Breakfast items are stocked in your Casita. Lunch and dinner catered by a local gastropub and are served in the common lounge area.

•••Participation in all the workshops.

•••Aprons, caps, gloves provided.

•••Visit to local family run farmstead creamery


Precios, Ventas y Distribución +506 8703 4703

Casitas del Chirripó +506 8872 5470